Monday, November 26, 2007

3d Assignment #1

Here is the final image for my teapot. I made it without any previous 3d experience whatsoever, so, I think it went pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Monthly Blog Post

Hey! I'm updating my blog. Congratulations if you've been reading.

Just a word: For anyone that saw Beowolf, I hope that you were as disappointed as me. If anything, Beowulf is a huge step backward for animation. Sure, the story wasn't too bad and the character design was sorta ok, but there was plently there that made my feathers ruffle the wrong way.

The biggest thing that got me was the lack of maturity in its execution. Even with all the nudity and obscene violence (guess you can get away with a lot more if its CG), this film hardly felt grown-up. Instead, it felt more like, hey! lookie! we got CG backgrounds and stupid swooping camera angles and 3D glasses effects galore! OOOOOh!

I hate 3D films (the kind that use the glasses), and that's partially why I'm rooting so hard for it to flop. For all the stupid spears poked in my eye and crazy jumping shots, I felt more like I was in an amusement ride than a film, and that's especially bad considering the seriousness that Beowolf tried to betray.

As such, I feel like the film betrayed itself, its viewers, and the animation industry in general. Don't agree with me? That's fine, we all have our own opinions. If you agree or want to read more rants about it, try this excellent blog post:

- James

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Latest Storyboarding Assignment

Here's the ending part of the latest storyboard assignment I've done. It was supposed to be a Disney Channel story pitch, but I eventually got tired of it and threw in a good DBZ moment just to spice things up a bit. What's funny is that my joke became one of the most entertaining aspects of our pitch. I guess passion is better than convention when telling a story.

- James

More storyboarding...

Here's the progression of my storyboard assignments, going from the earliest to the latest. I, for one, note a real, distinct improvement from assignment to assignment, and I find that highly encouraging. The next blog post will have my very latest assignment.

- James

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Misc. Artwork

Here's some designs I made for our storyboarding class. It's an old tale with a donkey, a dog, and a monkey. It started as a native american tale, and eventually I started drawing chibi characters, don't know why. I still haven't decided if I wanted God to be the little japanese guy or not... :P

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