Thursday, May 31, 2007

A killer concert

Yeah so while I've still go some Rockstar keeping me awake...

I just got done seeing The Killers at the Saltair. It was surprisingly good. The crowd was a little lame, mostly preppy dudes cuddling with their blond girlfriends, but the presentation was top-notch. Cool lighting, lots of confetti, and the crazy singing of Brandon Flowers kept me entertained, which is especially good since I don't even know the band that well.

There are many bands that I liked until I see them in concert (H20, The Used). There are many other bands that I never cared for until I saw them live (Flogging Molly, Bombshell Rocks, most local bands). At least for me, The Killers sit with the latter.

-Rev. ACtion

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New blog

I dunno, I just felt like I needed a blog, so I made one. Don't think that anyone will actually read this thing though...

Have you ever had a hunger that you just couldn't satisfy? To the point where you just lay around unable to do anything at all about it? Yeah, that's me, and I've been hungry for months now...

On less-vague note, I'm going to see The Killers tomorrow with sister and my good friend Jessie, on Friday I'm going to a Japanese tradition concert, and on Saturday I'm going to eat cookies. YUM.

I also need a car. Am I the only one that can't ever seem to make purchases involving large amounts of money? It's a terrible, terrible thing.

Maybe I'll have more interesting things to say later...

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