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And you thought I'd forgotten all about it....

Ok, maybe I had.

I've been getting a lot of complaints about me not updating my blog. To all those people: CAN IT!

Just kidding. I'm actually very flattered that there are people that actually look at my blog, let alone want more. SO! Here's a little animation to get us started:

Good SHOW, James! Did you push that last pop between Ryan's class and this post? It looks more energetic than I remember. Regardless, it's a FANTASTIC compliment to the dialogue.

Yay, it's the raging missionary!

Yeah Jake I did actually, it's the only thing that Ryan bashed me for in the review (he didn't pass me).

I'm kind of disappointed by blogger's compression though, his snap back downwards looks a lot more rigid than it does in Quicktime. :P

Dude, James I love it. Good work!

Badges! Im so happy its in your blog now, i mean,, since it is the coolest animation Ever! I really like it.

You can solve that problem by uploading videos to Vimeo--the compression is a lot more forgiving. So, brother Jackson, when are you going to post something new?

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