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A Post! A Post! We've Really Got a Post Hey!

Hey! I posted! It's not that I'm not doing anything, it's that I'm not doing anything worthy of putting up on a artistic blog. Most of what I do is technical these days, and between my job, trying to render out Kites, and my steady girlfriend, there isn't time for much artsy fartsy stuff right now. Besides, who reads this thing anyway?

Aww you know I do.

I do! I do! And thus, I notice details like this being your first post in about six months!!
Holy crap. Anyway -- cool sketches. None of them are from drawing session, though. I know that too.
This post is starting to sound creepy.
Congrats on posting! We'll excuse you for another six months as long as you finish Kites and keep dating Jana. :)

I read this also!! Thanks Laura! I keep looking for new stuff all the time, but like you said James you are very busy. Can't wait to see more!

I'm a loyal subscriber.
Fun doodles, Mr. Action.

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