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Robot Wall Jump

Hi everyone,

Continuing my bi-annual tradition, here is another post on my blog.

Yay for bad compression! Let me just tell you how many ugly conversions this had to go through:

Playblasted from maya to iff -> Converted from iff to jpeg with XnView -> Converted jpeg sequence to Quicktime mov with ffmpeg -> Converted from Quicktime mov to .flv format on blogger.

Ugh, that's 5 conversions. Maybe instead of doing it all from the Linux command-line I should just use Adobe After Effects.

*sarcasm* Yay for too many compressions!

You should use Adobe After Effects if you have it.

Glad to see that you've finally posted something. I like your animation.

Woah! TWO posts.
Easy, James. You don't want to overdo this. You'll burn out and not post for like, two years.

Anyway - I like it. Nice job, once again.


Nice staging, nice animation, nice composition, nice compression.


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